iODB2 Engine Data Reader


Want to know what your engine is up to? Nah, me neither. But for those who do, iOBD2 has the answer. Plug the 16 pin diagnostic connector into your engine’s data port, download the free app (available for Android and iOS), connect via Bluetooth and you can access a wealth of stultifyingly dull data about your engine’s performance. But seriously if you are into any sort of engine modding or tuning then this sort of information can be critical.


The device allows you to diagnose and view EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostic) and OBD-II codes and currently, the standard module supports models from 38 car makers. However, there are unique versions for BMW and Volkswagen-Audi group motors, sporting slightly different levels of access. The difference between the iOBD2 and other more run-of-the-mill EOBD devices – and arguably of more interest to the average man in the street – is the My Dashboard menu. This allows the user to customise and change the live data feed to his (or her) preferred readings at any given time to show values like vehicle speed, fuel consumption, engine RPM, air intake temperature, acceleration and so forth. For those nights spent racing in the street there’s an acceleration and deceleration function that gives a simple quarter-mile performance figure.

About us

iOBD2.CC is the official Global distributor for iOBD2, iOBD2 is OBD2/EOBD2 Scanner for car owners desigend by XtoolTech. iOBD2 connects with your iPhone,iPad,Android Phone,Tablet via Bluetooth or WIFI,can show your vehicle data,read and erase fault code and do car diagnosis.