iOBD2 APP introduction


iOBD2 is an OBDII diagnostic app for monitoring the engine system of your car. 
It is compatible with iOS and Android system. It works with car that is OBDII/EOBD compliant.

There are seven menus in the iOBD2 app.

    ●My dashboard
    ●Performance test
    ●Performance graph




In this menu, you can use the all the standard OBDII diagnostic functions

[Trouble code]
Read the current DTC with detailed 
information on the codes.

[Live data]
Read all the running parameters related to the ECU.

[Freeze frame]
ECU will set DTCs and record the 
data stream of the car engine at
the moment when emissions related faults occurred. 
The data is called freeze frame data.

[Readiness test]
Show the status of readiness test.
Click Readiness test in the menu, 
the screen will display the test status of the car.

[Vehicle information] 
Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), 
Calibration IDs (CALID) and Calibration
Verification Number (CVN).

[O2 sensor test]
Allow access to the on-board 
oxygen sensor monitoring test results. 

[On-board monitor test]
To monitor the operation of 
the system of external device control panel.

[Component test]
Allow to access a particular component / the diagnostic monitoring results 
of incontinuous monitoring system. E.g. the 
monitoring of the catalyst and evaporation system 
My Dashboard

This is a virtual dashboard with four modes. 
You can seedifferent data in each mode.
In the Custom mode, you can choose to display 
the parameters you preferred. Another cool 
feature of My dashboard is the HUD (Head Up Display) 
function with five different colors. 

[Idle mode] 
Show you the engine rotational speed, water temperature,
battery voltage, Air-intake temperature, 
instant fuel consumption (static), average fuel consumption.

[Cruise mode]
Show you the vehicle speed, the current engine load, 
water temperature, Vehicle travel time, 
vehicle travel average speed, Continuous running mileage; 
instant fuel consumption (dynamic).

[Sport mode]
Show you the engine rotational speed, 
vehicle speed, water temperature.

[Custom mode]
Select the preferred parameters such as power, 
torque, horse power, etc.


Performance test

In this function, you can do the acceleration/deceleration 
test and get some idea on how your car performs in speed. 

[Acceleration/Deceleration test]
Test acceleration/deceleration process time and distance.

[0 to 400m acceleration test]
Test time from 0 to 400 meters. 


Performance graph

This function displays you the real time engine  speed/vehicle speed, torque/RPM/Power in 
dynamic curves. Besides, when you are reading the data stream, you can click a parameter to display it in dynamic curve (This feature is now only available for iOS version), which you can observe the changes more visually.



In this menu, you can choose the language, connection mode, unit, and set 
Alarm. In the vehicle setting, you can see the basic vehicle information and 
change parameters such as weight, fuel consumption coefficient, and speed 


It is to save and review the recorded diagnostic data of the tested 
cars, such as live data, freeze frame data, trip record and my dashboard data. 


In this menu, you can find information on how to set the Bluetooth connection
how to buy iOBD2 hardware, what your iOBD2 hardware and software version.


About us

iOBD2.CC is the official Global distributor for iOBD2, iOBD2 is OBD2/EOBD2 Scanner for car owners desigend by XtoolTech. iOBD2 connects with your iPhone,iPad,Android Phone,Tablet via Bluetooth or WIFI,can show your vehicle data,read and erase fault code and do car diagnosis.