iOBD2-VW APP Introduction



iobd2 (vw dedicated) is for the development of a VW vehicle information very professional intelligent interactive systems. 

The applications include: expert diagnosis, service reset, connect, history and other functions. 

Expert diagnosis: 

[Read DTCs] read the whole car more than 80 system fault code and fault code details. 

[Clear] clears trouble codes vehicle fault codes for all systems. 

[] Read vehicle dynamic data flow stream value for all systems. 

[Vehicle information] read ecu version information. 

[Service Reset] This feature also includes the vehicle mileage reading, maintenance light reset, maintenance and zero oxygen sensor lights. 

[Connect] under your car a part of your new record, this record can record your car's systems are supported, as well as the testing process all the data records. 

[History] query and delete your testing process in the preserved records.

Note: Before using the system need to contact the Company to purchase special edition iOBD2 vw diagnostic connector (

About us

iOBD2.CC is the official Global distributor for iOBD2, iOBD2 is OBD2/EOBD2 Scanner for car owners desigend by XtoolTech. iOBD2 connects with your iPhone,iPad,Android Phone,Tablet via Bluetooth or WIFI,can show your vehicle data,read and erase fault code and do car diagnosis.